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Understanding the basics

Asbestos awareness training is legally required for anyone who may be exposed to ACMs during their working activity as well as those who are supervising that activity. Those carrying out the work, must have the correct information, instruction and training to protect them and others from the risks to health that exposure to asbestos causes. (Refer to the HSE’s Asbestos information, instruction and training page for more information.)

This asbestos awareness training is also useful for anyone requiring a better understanding of the basic elements of asbestos in buildings and is a good ‘stepping stone’ to more in-depth courses.

What you will learn

At the end of an Asbestos Awareness Course, attendees should have a better understanding of 

  • Duty holders responsibilities

  • Emergency procedures

  • Health effects of asbestos

  • Types of asbestos containing materials (ACMs)

  • Asbestos in buildings

  • The role of the asbestos removal company

  • Managing asbestos

Want a more tailored approach?

We also offer bespoke training, which can be carried out at our client's premises as, in most circumstances, this can make the training more relevant to the environment that they are working in. Providing information about asbestos and the way it needs to be managed puts everyone's mind at rest. Being left in the dark leaves too much opportunity for hearsay and scaremongering.

If you feel this would be of benefit, please contact us and we can discuss asbestos awareness training further.