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Asbestos Management

Duty to Manage Asbestos

Since May 2004 people responsible for non-domestic premises, built prior to 2000, have needed to know about Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) on their premises, its location, condition and how to manage it. This requires each building to have an asbestos register and management plan readily available. 

Additionally, if you are working on domestic or non-domestic premises built before 2000, you have a duty of care to ensure that any potential ACMs are not disturbed during your work and a pre-refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey must be carried out  to comply with Regulation 4 and assist in planning the work.

Many people don't know where to start...

Fortunately we do, so when it comes to management of asbestos risk in a building, we've made the process easy to understand.

Below are the steps you need to follow, with links to more information about each one.

We can obviously help with each step and if none apply to your specific issue, we do offer a consultancy service which will give you the clarification you need.

Identify if you have ACMs in your premises and list all ACMs found in a premises-specific Asbestos Register. 

To create a register, you need an Asbestos Management Survey carried out.  If ACMs are identified, you then need an Asbestos Management Plan, as detailed below.

Create an Asbestos Management Plan to establish what is required and then document any actions that are taken.  Your Asbestos Management Plan is a live document that must consistently be updated, as and when required.

For multi property portfolios, you may need a corporate overarching plan to sit above the site specific Asbestos Management Plans.

If any maintenance/refurbishment work is planned, a more invasive inspection is required, to identify any other Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) that may be present. To do this, you need a Pre-refurb/Demo Survey carried out, so that any additional incidences can be added to your Management Plan, before you start work.

Manage the ACMs as detailed within your Asbestos Management Plan making sure that it is updated following any Remediation (encapsulation/removal) work.

Should accidental damage occur, the area must be restricted until a risk assessment is carried out.  Add these findings to your Management Plan, so that the appropriate action can be taken.

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