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An example scenario - work that has the potential to disturb the fabric of a building

Your Asbestos Management Survey has identified an asbestos-containing texture coated (Artex) ceiling, which is now listed on your Asbestos Management Plan.  You want to have it removed as you are refurbishing that room.  You send the relevant information from your Management Plan across to a selection of contractors and await their quotes.

What the contractors should say

They should all come back and advise that you need a Refurbishment/Pre Demolition (RD) survey carried out.  But the asbestos has been identified, so why is this needed?

You have identified the textured coating, but you are now disturbing the fabric of the building.  You need to know what it is applied to and what the surrounding area contains, to ensure that the work can be carried out safely.

Suggested worst case scenario

Asbestos Textured Coating applied to:

Asbestos Insulation Board and above that there is:

Asbestos Sprayed Coating to a hidden RSJ in the ceiling void.

The control measures and removal methods for each of the above Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are not the same (you may need our consultancy service to advise), so it is necessary to identify all the risks - not to mention the non-asbestos risk of the baby grand piano that is on the floor above falling through the ceiling that you have just disturbed! Please call us or use the contact form for help with this.