About us

For over 33 years, the asbestos management team at Asbestos Limited has dealt with the identification and ongoing management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) within structures that were built before 2000. 

We have extensive experience working for both private and commercial clients, from small homes to large public buildings, offices, hospitals, schools and industrial estates.

Our success is built upon mutual trust, long-term working relationships and the certainty of repeat business. We prioritize the quality of our service delivery over short term commercial gains, do whatever is possible for  every job and aspire to be the go to people for Asbestos Management.

The Asbestos Management Team

Our surveyors are experienced and extremely knowledgeable, which renders an excellent level of competence, gleaned from site experience and insight into where potential Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) can be found. 

All are fully qualified to current industry standards (BOHS P402) and have experience of surveying anything from small residential flats through to large offices and industrial sites - including those that are in constant use.

We strive to ensure that the procedures that are put in place are time efficient and simple to follow.  Asbestos is complex, but with our involvement, it needn't be complicated.

Asbestos Waste Disposal

We also have an Asbestos Waste Transfer Station, so if ACMs are identified and your management plan advises removal, rather than management in-situ, we are able to ensure that the waste is disposed of appropriately, whether it is a single bag or multiple skips.