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2021 News Archive

What was in the news in 2021

December 2021


Congratulations to mesowarrior Dr Mavis Nye (hon) BEM. BCAh who's been awarded 'Most Influential person in health & safety for 2021' by Safety and Health Practitioner.

A thoroughly well deserved accolade for such an inspiring campaigner - who tirelessly raises awareness of the dangers asbestos and calls for its removal.

Dr Mavis Nye wins SHP award

Reported in Construction Enquirer a contractor, employed unskilled and untrained labourers to undertake a toilet block conversion which included replacement of a damaged roof. The Health and Safety Executive found that the labourers disturbed a significant amount of asbestos insulation board and in doing so, spread asbestos debris around the site.

Contractor given community order for breaching asbestos safety regulations

Jason Williams was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March 2019 and sadly passed away 6 months later - he was 45. It's thought that he was exposed to asbestos whilst working at the Port Talbot steelworks during his 20s - his job there was to run cables and install computers.

IT worker dies from mesothelioma 20 years after exposure to asbestos

November 2021


Research coming out from geophysicists at the University of Pennsylvania is a cause for concern. Studying abandoned asbestos waste sites, where the toxic material has been buried under tons of soil, their research recommends communities local to such sites should be monitoring their groundwater closely.

Asbestos containment study points to continued risk of exposure

Great news - those with pulmonary fibrosis caused by asbestos inhalation will be among more than 15,000 Britons with the disease who will now have the chance to extend their life by two years or more.

Life-extending drug for sufferers of lung-scarring disease will finally be available on the NHS

The site of the world's largest asbestos factory has been bought by ESG Trading from Renshaw Properties for an undisclosed sum. Located in Rochdale, the site produced asbestos for over 100 years.

Asbestos: Site of world's largest factory to be cleaned up, new owners say

The Health and Safety Executive includes useful information on its website in relation to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and how risks can be controlled in the workplace.

Prevent work-related lung disease

October 2021


Exposure to lead, particularly on construction sites, can lead to serious health problems. The World Health Organization published a factsheet covering the health risks and sources of exposure to lead dust and particles.

Lead Poisoning

The Health and Safety Executive has fined a company £16,000 plus costs after undertaking a shop conversion which exposed its casual labourers to asbestos.

Construction company fined for employee asbestos exposure 

An entire roof containing asbestos has been dumped in Raby Mere in the Poulton Hall Road area. Wirral Council will need to employ specialist services to remove the asbestos materials as well as other rubbish dumped at the same site.

Entire roof containing asbestos dumped

For anyone working on a site which may potentially contain asbestos, this guide from UK Asbestos Training Association - UKATA is an excellent quick read.

Only trained professionals should work with asbestos

September 2021


From 4th October, Health and Safety Executive inspectors will be undertaking spot checks on over 1,000 construction sites.

Dangerous dust on sites targeted in new HSE crackdown

The BBC is being sued by the widow of Richard Evans who passed away from asbestos-related cancer

BBC sued for set builder’s death in claim over asbestos

We'll all have seen coverage of the services held to commemorate the20th anniversary of 9/11 at the weekend. This article makes for harrowing reading but we still need to raise awareness of toxic dust exposure.

9/11 survivors’ exposure to toxic dust and the chronic health conditions that followed offer lessons that are still too often unheeded

Mary Angela Fox died from mesothelioma in April this year. It's thought that she was exposed to asbestos whilst working in the family run fruit and veg business. In 1995, part of Blackburn market was demolished whilst she was working next door.

Blackburn mum exposed to asbestos when market roof was demolished died from cancer

Mavis Nye, President & Co-Founder of Mavis Nye Foundation (MNF) demonstrates how important asbestos awareness training is and so crucial to keeping workers safe in buildings pre-2000.

Another domestic dwelling with a badly disturbed inspection panel containing Amosite (Brown) asbestos

August 2021


A government research briefing 'Fly-tipping - the illegal dumping of waste'. What are the powers and responsibilities of the Environment Agency, local councils and landowners? What reforms are proposed to tackle the problem in the short and longer term?

Fly-tipping – the illegal dumping of waste

Derelict and abandoned buildings are dangerous sites for many reasons - not least, due to the potential exposure to asbestos.

Yet more trespassing into asbestos-filled building prompts police warning