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Asbestos Limited's partnership with Benenden Hospital

Our case study featuring Benenden Hospital detailed our long standing partnership and how we responded with a simplified live asbestos management plan when it became necessary to undertake a complete review of the asbestos management. 

Background to the Benenden Hospital project

Benenden Hospital had asbestos management surveys carried out with records (in hard copy and electronic formats) going back to 2009.  Despite the Estates team's in-depth site knowledge and experience, having to source necessary paperwork and records meant considerable time was wasted. Combined with various documented re-inspections and abatement works (asbestos removal by licensed contractors since 2009) it made sense to requisition a full management survey.

Leading from this, we established an easy-to-use Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) which is a live document that is maintained in-house.

Why having a live asbestos management plan has paid dividends

As Rob Farris, Estates & Hospitality Manager explains:

"Having worked with Asbestos Limited for many years, and jointly undertaken the hard work of ensuring all buildings, areas and instances were catalogued and checked, when it came to the anniversary to re-engage with Asbestos Limited it was so much easier - having a live bespoke electronic spreadsheet register where everything is captured in one place.

"We worked on reducing all presumed asbestos instances where access had been difficult historically - our fault, not Asbestos Limited - therefore we were able to work more closely with the inspector and eliminate more areas and reduce our live list."

Financial benefits as a result

With all buildings, areas and instances now catalogued and checked, plus records captured on the live electronic spreadsheet, Rob states the real value of our work:

"The annual commitment financially has reduced by approximately 50% and will become less and less as time goes by because we have made the investment."

Final endorsement from Rob Farris

"Debbie at Asbestos Limited, and the site surveyor are very professional, committed and meticulous in the records and sampling.

"Just what you need and would expect."