Asbestos testing

This can be required if a potential Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is found and needs prompt identification.

Asbestos testing 1We attend site, sample the suspect material and recommend how to contain an area until the result is known. Samples are then analyzed at a UKAS accredited laboratory to confirm whether there is any Asbestos present. Photographs are always taken to verify the location and condition of the sample that has been taken. If it is highly suspected that the sample will contain asbestos, we can also gather additional information to assist with further recommendations, if required by our client.

The analysis by a UKAS accredited laboratory provides a data sheet informing our client of type of asbestos present i.e. Chrysotile, Amosite or Crocidolite. It also confirms the type of product it is found in, i.e. asbestos insulation board, asbestos cement etc.

Asbestos testing 2The analysis report, along with the product location and condition, assists with the risk assessment. This also gives an indication of whether a product requires notification to the H.S.E, usually 14 days, and whether a licensed contractor is required.

It is also possible to bring samples to us, but this must be preceeded with a call or email to enable us to book an appointment and confirm the required information.