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We have relocated!

We are happy to announce that we have finally relocated from what was a temporary solution ..... 15 years ago!

Although our new location needs a bit of TLC we have a lot more space for our continued growth.  Our offices and stores have gone from 200m² to 1,500m² and our yard is now just under an acre.

Being just 4 minutes from the motorway, we thought we would hear more traffic noise, but then we are in a clearing within Hall Woods, which makes it feel more rural.  So far we are impressed that it is so quiet. 

Click the image below for larger printable directions:


Asbestos First map


Unfortunately we are NOT impressed with BT.  In spite of placing our order in February, they somehow cancelled half of our order, so installed just one telephone line and one fax/broadband line.  As our nice new telephone system needs ISDN lines, we have had to move in with no land lines.  Two weeks on and we have had 4 ISDN lines installed, but there is a fault on lines 1 & 2.  In the current climate, a dead tone/no answer can imply the company is no longer trading and this is obviously not the impression a growing business would want to give!

Due to this we are only able to make out going calls as we obviously don't want to risk a client getting a faulty line, so contact via email or this web site is currently the most productive.


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