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Successful HSE licence audit awards unconditional Asbestos removal licence.

Having been an Asbestos Removal Licenced Contractor (LARC) since 1988, we have seen vast changes to the industry, which has been led by the HSE working on improving consistency within asbestos licencing.

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Following on from our Gold ARCA audits we are proud to confirm that our HSE licence audit, which involves interviews and random surprise site inspections, was successful and we continue to hold an unconditional Asbestos Removal Licence. 

We are extremely happy with the notable comments coming from the inspectors relating to personal monitoring, which is something that we have put a lot of time and effort into.  It feeds into ensuring that our teams continue to consistently work in a safe environment and gives security to our clients to know that they have made the right choice in choosing us as their LARC.

In December 2015, the new ASB4 form was created to provide a performance summary to inspectors, which highlights areas for the inspector to focus on during licence interview. It also provides standardised questions and activities for the inspectors to ask during the interview, for example a description of a scenario and being asked to detail how the applicant would approach the required work.

Following the improvements, the amount of data reviewed by the HSE has been increased, with consideration being given towards Training Needs Analysis, Personal Monitoring and Audit findings. The amount of evidence that the applicant has to provide has been significantly increased.

The targeting of these areas is following the quality and consistency of personal monitoring and auditing being called into question by the HSE, following data gained from licence audits, unannounced visits etc.

Training Needs Analysis is a relatively new concept within our industry. This does not relate just to Asbestos, it encompasses a wide range of needs that show that the knowledge, skills and attitudes within the company are what is required to meet the company's objectives.  This ranges from soft skills such as how to handle mental health issues, through to continued professional development that can include formalised qualifications.

We have always had an organic TNA procedure, that has evolved from being a family run business who care about their approach to their work.  This evolution has also benefitted from adding a more formalised approach as the years have gone by working with Trish Stretton of People face2face who comes highly recommended.  Our approach now includes appraisals, workshops and additional training courses so that our team have the best skills possible to carry out their work with confidence. 

So, here's to the next 30 years and we look forward to hearing from you with any asbestos related needs you may have, now or in the future.

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