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Flood damage 29.05.18

Hi all

After having a fantastic bank holiday weekend, we came back to find that our carpets were damp and found that the storm on 26th of May had flooded through the front wall cavity and shorted some of the sockets.

 Our yard


As if that wasn't enough, the rain hit again and did a proper job this time, collapsing 4 ceilings to the front of the building.  But it still wasn't done and the sheer volume of water in our area burst our toilets, to completely flood the whole building.


Floor after toilets burst


I have to say that I am extremely impressed with our fabulous brokers, who managed to have a loss adjuster out first thing the following day and he arranged the clean-up team to be here within 3 working days.  This was no mean feat, given the volume of claims they must have at the moment.

On the Wednesday, I sorted our temporary HQ and had portacabins from arrive on the Thursday, with our IT guys getting us up and running again and sorting out our phones. 

 Porta cabins

I was very happy with the progress, right up until we plugged in for the internet and the connection was dead.  Yup, the flood had got that too, further up the cable, so no remote working over the weekend to catch up, still no phones and another issue to resolve :(  Amazingly BT got an engineer out on the Saturday, who established it was an underground fault, which was finally resolved on the Tuesday, so one week after the flood, we were back up and running.

They say there is a silver lining to every cloud, but having a completely unplanned refurbishment is a very thin silver lining :/

On a personal note, I am happy to say that after all the stress of this, my daughter has given birth and I now have my Grandson to cuddle and make me smile :)



I hope you never have to go through my last couple of weeks, but if you do, I can highly recommend all those I have given links for above :)

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