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'Close beach' call as more pieces of asbestos wash up between Minster and Leysdown

More asbestos cement has been found washed up on a family beach, leading to a call for the beach to be closed.

The latest discovery at The Leas on Sheppey was made by Kingsborough Manor resident Barry Day, who said it was time to cordon off the popular seafront while the issue was resolved.

He said: "Now all the tourists have gone it's an ideal time to launch a proper search and collect it all up."


Asbestos found washed up on Minster beach by Island resident, Barry Day
Asbestos found washed up on Minster beach by Island resident, Barry Day


Mr Day, 66, who lives at Hustlings Drive, said he was walking along Minster beach on Thursday when he spotted small pieces of asbestos.

He claimed to have made further discoveries of the material at Shellness beach on the same day.

Swale council was first alerted in August to fragments being washed-up between The Playa and Minster Cliffs.

It said it had consulted with Public Health England which advised the substance was "a lower risk product" and unlikely to pose a significant risk to health.

Last month, the council confirmed 15 kilos of asbestos had been collected along the beach.

A spokesman said: "Regular checks will continue in all areas where the material has been reported to have been found to date, and will be removed safely.

"This will continue until we are satisfied there is no further need.

"As a precautionary measure we ask that members of the public continue to avoid any suspicious material they may find on the beach."


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