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Asbestos removal from schools

SchoolA recent BBC report identified that "Most state school buildings in South East England contain asbestos".

The BBC's Inside Out programme revealed the "potentially-deadly" material remains in more than 90% of schools.

The Health and Safety executive said it would be too dangerous to remove asbestos from sealed buildings, whereas the National Union of Teachers has called for all asbestos to be removed from schools.

John Walder, secretary of the NUT Kent branch, said: "The NUT's view is quite clear, we think that the solution is the complete removal of asbestos from all the working spaces." As long as local authorities do not remove asbestos from a site, there will be a risk of fibres getting into the atmosphere and getting into people's lungs."

Asbestos First offer a total management solution which ensures long term safety of the children and staff. Removing asbestos from inside sealed buildings can be a very difficult procedure and it is sometimes best left in place, however providing the situation is managed, the potential risks can be safely controlled.

For help and advice with removing Asbestos from schools, please call 01634 23 22 21.

You can click here for the full BBC report.

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