What does asbestos look like?


Asbestos Insulation Board Ceiling Tiles


When we are called, this is one of the most frequently asked questions so we have created a pictorial example of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) so that assistance is available day and night. 


So,  what does asbestos look like? Click on the picture above to view some examples of ACM's.


Some ACM's must be dealt with by a Health & Safety Executive licenced specialist and some can be dealt with by a contractor already on site, although it is preferable to resolve any asbestos issue with a specialist prior to starting work.  More clarity on whether a product is licensed, notifiable non licenced or non-licensed can be found on the Removal page.


ALL work with ACM's must be carried out following the approved codes of practice by a competent, preferably experienced person.  Additionally they must be insured for working with asbestos and hold a hazardous waste carriers licence for transporting small amounts of asbestos waste to an approved toxic waste site or arrange for the supply of an asbestos skip.  A copy of the waste note must be available if requested.